Athos CCUS

The Athos project aims to develop a public CO2-distribution network in the North Sea Canal area, enabling CCUS: the capture and transport of CO2, for usage or to be stored in empty gas fields under the North Sea. By doing so, Athos makes a significant contribution to the Dutch climate objectives.

The Athos project has been initiated for the construction of a basic capture- and transport infrastructure in the North Sea Canal area, to enable the usage or storage of CO2. Athos is an abbreviation for Amsterdam-IJmuiden COTransport Hub & Offshore Storage, and is a joint initiative between Gasunie, EBN, Tata Steel and Port of Amsterdam.

The Netherlands has set clear climate targets, in line with the signing of the Paris Accord, aiming to reduce CO2 emissions by 49% (compared to 1990) by 2030. The capture, usage and storage of CO(CCUS) can significantly contribute to the reaching of these targets within a relatively short timeframe. It is, therefore, included as a prominent method for the industry in the Climate Agreement.

Gasunie, EBN, Tata Steel, and the Port of Amsterdam want to contribute to the reduction of COemissions and help the Netherlands achieve the climate targets. The joint expertise of the companies offers a unique opportunity to realise a CCUS infrastructure: Tata Steel will capture CO2, Gasunie has experience with building infrastructure and transport, EBN has knowledge of geology & storage, and the Port of Amsterdam facilitates and coordinates companies in the area. Under the name Athos, the parties jointly investigate the technical, economic, legal and social feasibility of such an infrastructure.